You must complete this questionnaire to obtain your Nunavik Territory Access Authorization (NTAA), which is mandatory for all travelers.

This questionnaire concerns you ONLY if your trip includes a portion of travel from the SOUTH to the NORTH. You DO NOT have to fill this questionnaire:

  • If you are traveling NORTH to NORTH OR
  • If you are a one‐way trip NORTH to SOUTH

For trips with last-minute reservations in an EMERGENCY context:

  • Complete this questionnaire
  • Notify the triage agent at the airport on the day of your departure

This questionnaire is confidential, and your data will be treated with the utmost respect. The Nunavik Entrance Management Program in the context of COVID-19 requires collaboration between travelers, the NRBHSS (Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services), the health centers and local civil security. By continuing this process, you agree:

  • To provide the necessary information to evaluate the eligibility of your request.
  • To comply with the directives of the Nunavik Public Health Department in order to obtain your Territory Access Authorization.
  • That the following information concerning you: first name, last name, contact information, location and duration of quarantine in the north (when applicable), be shared to the teams involved in the management of entries. They may contact you.

If these instructions are not respected, your request may be refused. It is essential that you complete the entire questionnaire in order for it to be analyzed

The established measures aim to limit the spread of COVID-19 on the Nunavik territory.

On behalf of all Nunavimmiut, we thank you for your cooperation.